It's simple and easy to book! Our studio is available 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

1. First Step...

To help you start your dream Podcast, we require booking a guided tour in our studio before your first session.

Our technician will show you how to set up the equipment, ideal settings, lighting tips, sound recording tips and more, to ensure you're producing the highest quality content possible.

2. Rent by the hour

Starting at $75.00 plus tax per hour, we offer the flexibility to rent our studio by the hour. 


2 hour sessions:
Great option if you are looking for a consistent weekly recording schedule.

3-12 hour sessions:
Great option if you have guests joining you and need time to do a proper setup of lights and cameras or if you are looking to record more than one episode/content in one session.

3. Subscribe and Save!

Our subscription plan is the best option if you intend to create regular content for social media, live streams, interviews, podcast episodes, and more!

Complimentary 30 minutes setup time for every reservation during the lifetime of your subscription (SD Card NOT included).

No contracts, no commitment, no cancellation fees... 

You can cancel your subscription at any time!

*Subscription Cancellation Policy: To cancel your subscription simply send us an email to invictuspodcaststudios@gmail.com at least 3 days BEFORE your next billing cycle. After your subscription plan is renewed, no refunds will be provided.

Need a custom package or have special requirements?